Yes, You Can Eat Coot: A Coot Taco Recipe

The not-so-popular Coot gets the taco treatment and we think it’s a recipe you’ll make regularly.


14 skinless Coot breasts (Totally up to you how much meat you want to use)

1 cup Yellow Onion

1 or 2 large tomatoes, diced

1 avocado, sliced

Green Leaf Lettuce, chopped

2 cups colby jack cheese

1 small can black olives

Flour Tortillas

1 small can (7.76 oz) La Costena Homestyle Mexican Salsa, Medium

3ish ounces Cholula Chili Garlic Sauce (to taste)

1/2 medium red pepper, diced.

1 tbsp. Johnny’s Seasoning Salt

1 tsp. Oregano

1 tsp. dried Thyme

1/2 cup Sliced Almonds

Olive Oil


Optional: brine the breasts overnight in water, salt, and seasoning salt. About 1 tbsp of each seasoning OR soak in milk a couple of hours prior to cooking.

Boil Coot breasts on a rolling boil until medium-rare. You don’t want to cook them all the way through or they’ll be tough.

Rinse with cool water and hand-shred or shred with the paddle attachment on a stand mixer. Set aside.

Sauté onion in a drizzle of olive oil until translucent.

Add bell pepper, half of the diced tomatoes, Oregano and Thyme.

Add the Coot breast and sauté for several minutes.

Add Cholula and La Costena

Season with Johnny’s to taste.

Serve hot in flour tortillas and garnish with lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado, olives.



Aside from the Oregano and Thyme, seasoning on this is totally to-taste. We love Johnny’s for this and throw some garlic salt in from time to time as well. We took the almonds out after the first time we made them, because the texture they created was a little odd, but see what you like!